was opened in 2006 and managed to gain a good reputation from customers all over the world. Its main advantages are low prices and free delivery of goods throughout the world, regardless of the cost of the order.The dispatch is sent from Hong Kong. DealExtreme is probably the most famous Chinese shop on the Internet.

The main direction of the store – are gadgets, the choice of offered items is huge, and the prices are often encouraging. Perhaps the only drawback of this firm is the delivery time, due to the large number of orders. The delivery period of the order is about 30-45 days from the date of dispatch, depending on the distance.

The fact that the shop is located in Hong Kong, that is, not in close proximity to the plants where production is made, resulted in just a little higher prices in comparison with some other stores. However, DealExtreme is notable for much smaller percentage of defects as well as the better technical support, outmatching other shops.

For shopping it is desirable, but not necessary, to register. Also, if the e-mails in DealExtreme and PayPal differ, you will not see your orders upon entering your account on DealExtreme. There is only one way to fix it – to register a new account with the same e-mail as in PayPal.

Before buying a product you are strongly recommended to read forums and reviews for products. There is sometimes a very useful information there. There are many similar products, but, in reality, the difference can turn out to be considerable. You had better beware of products where there is no feedback, especially if they are costly.


Delivery for all orders throughout the world is completely free, regardless of the amount of goods ordered and the cost of the order. For parcels for orders over 15 USD a free track number is given. The price of goods is sometimes dependent on the cost of the order and the additional options that you choose in your cart before paying.

Regular order with a total amount of less than 15 USD will be shipped by airmail without notice. If the order with the total amount doesn’t exceed 15 USD, it can be turned into a Registred AirMail. If you add to cart the appropriate option, which costs 1.70 USD, then you will be able to track the path of your parcel .

The order with a wholesale discount BulkRate (the size of the discount depends on the number of the selected item) is also available. In this case the parcel premise is automatically registered and 1.70 USD will be added automatically.

Orders with a total amount of more than 15 USD automatically become Registred. You can also choose the EMS express delivery. For some expensive products, EMS delivery is a required option. Customs applies to parcels from DealExtreme as well as to the regular mail – i.e. does not require the extra money.

After ordering at DealExtreme it goes into the status of “bundling”, which can last from 1 day to 4 weeks, depending on the amount of goods ordered and the timing of their delivery from the manufacturers. In the holiday season from November to March the ordering period can take up to 2 months. If the order is too long on the set and it does not suit you, we can always cancel it and refund the money or help to find the desired product from other vendors.

In case there are several positions in the order, and some of them have been obtained from suppliers quickly while some delay, the order can be split into several instalments, so as not to delay the sending of the order. So if you have received a parcel with an incomplete order, and instead of the missing items in the parcel there is a card with their part numbers, do not worry, in the near future you will receive the parcel with lacking items.

Warranty and Returns

Always keep all that was sent in a parcel (all goods, all packaging and documentation to the goods, all supporting documents), including packaging of the parcel itself. Upon receipt of damaged goods it is better to write about the problem on DealExtreme forum through the form of CSE, enclosing several photographs of defects. In that case, they will be the proof.

You can return the goods of proper quality within 30 days after receipt. You will be paid back money minus the cost of delivery, which was originally included in the price of goods. Requirements for product returns: undamaged original packaging, preservation of the original form of goods, full set. In this case, it is you who will have to pay for delivery of the goods to China.

The damaged goods will be asked to send back if the cost of sending (it is refunded) is less than 30% of the purchase price. Otherwise, if you prove your case, you can be sent a new product without even asking to send damaged goods back.

If you received a defective item, DealExtreme takes it back with full compensation. Requirements to return are the same: original packaging, full set, preservation of the original look.

At the most items represented in the catalog there is a factory warranty (mobile phones, laptops , GPS- navigators, etc.). The warranty period is listed on the page with a description of the goods, but it does not exceed 1 year . It is understandably that the warranty fulfillment is a manufacturer, not DealExtreme. He only agrees to take from you the product for warranty repair and ensure its return delivery to you. Terms of postage cannot be taken into account in the period of warranty repairs.

The warranty does not cover power suppliers, batteries, wires , cables , adapters , chargers , headsets , handsfree- headsets, light bulbs, mouse pads, CDs and cases. The guarantee does not cover damage caused by rough handling, including defects caused by sharp objects, falling, compression, for goods subjected to repair by unidentified persons; if there are no internal warranty seals, in violation of the rules of operation of the goods.

If you received a defective or damaged goods and you consider yourself aggrieved, and DealExtreme does not want to return the money or repair the goods, or goods after repair does not return for a long time, you can threaten them to complain to PayPal. If this does not work , then write a complaint to PayPal, but it must be done no later than 45 days after purchase.


Payment: MasterCardAmerican ExpressVisa
Delivery: DHL ExpressHongkong PostEMS – Enhanced Messaging Service